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Episode 9 - Teenage Wasteland

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63 comments to Episode 9 – Teenage Wasteland

  • shelby

    why is this removed i was almost done watching it yesterday?!

  • dexoxo

    I loooove this site sooo much. Just want to say that first and thank you! Second, I want to say that I HATE Zshare files!! (as of right now) I was just about done with this episode and tried to go back a couple seconds because I missed something that was said, and it started over and will not allow me to go forward AT ALL!!!! This sucks! I understand that this isn’t your fault-DexterFan-I just would like to submit this comment to warn others. It sucks even more because of the 72 min limit.

  • leah

    will not let me move ahead to point I had to stop…now I have to watch it all again just for the last 20 minutes.

    • DexterFan

      Sorry about that, Megavideo and zshare can be a pain like that sometimes.. unfortunatley not much I can do… I am working on adding secondary streams from other providers like VideoBB, which are more user friendly.

  • Ryan

    Hey sorry to complain but the video wont move ahead and I watched half of it and I don’t want to watch it again.

  • bebita

    DexterFan, I just want to thank you, I don’t like complaining I am just happy and thankful cause you took the time to do this, for all Dexter fans. I keep switching from Megavideo to VideoBB and Zshare. Thank you, Thank you.

    • DexterFan

      Thanks Bebita, feel free to let me know if any of the streams are down by commenting as you have, it’s the fastest way for me to try to fix. Thanks for your comments!!

  • Mattie

    He said I love you!!!!! Made me cry!

  • Gio

    via share kinda sucks :/ but anyways thank you dexter fan :D you make things easier for us dexter fans :P

  • MGray

    I just got cut off at 8 minutes and it said I have watched 72 minutes already! WTH! I watched an episode earlier today (actually it was YESTERDAY since its after midnight now…) I am super bummed because I was looking forward to watching this in bed before I went to sleep tonight. Why did this happen!?!?!?!?

    • DexterFan

      Sometimes this can happen if you’re using a proxy, or if your ip address changes to one that was using MV alot… Painful I know…Try using one of the altertnate streams, then switch between them if you’re having a Dexter marathon!

  • Jenny

    I cried too when Dexter said “I love you”…thanks so much Dexterfan for these videos. You’ve done a great job, really appreciate your efforts.

  • dustin

    you have to use the full 72 min before you wait and you can watch agein. Since you have 2 streams just watch till one finishes and go to the next stream.

  • sky

    Zshare video removed and after only watching about 10 minutes, the Video BB gave me the ‘you have watched 72 minutes of video’ today message… ugh!

  • brawn

    haha i think that cody kid was asking for too much money….LOL.

  • jeremy

    is there any way to make buffering faster? thanks for the shows you saved my life lol.

  • Shawn

    Thank you for posting these video’s for all to see, discovering this website has made entertainment quite easier to find. I absolutely LOVE this series, every twist and every surprise. The story really keeps you on edge every episode, and is almost hard to watch, however I enjoy it very much. Thank you once again. :)

  • SkateHop

    I am unbelievably thankful for these videos!!! You cannot imagine how long I have looked for a site where I can pick out my favorite episodes without having to go to the store to rent/buy each season indviually! I also enjoy taking little hints from earlier episodes and going to the newer ones to see that the producers actually gave quite obvious snips of the next season, without the viewer knowing until they have seen the next season! Addicted to Dexter.

  • Michael

    Why can I not get through a full episode without the 72 minute time limit showing up??
    What is the deal with that? I appreciate the site but am getting frustrated not being able to watch a complete DEXTER

  • David

    i cry when theres not a megavideo stream here!:’(

  • lost

    hey dexterfan the zshare is saying video is not found…
    im lost with out dexter…thank you

  • my hero .... dex

    i hate this fucking zshare every time i pause n leave it to buffer advertisement comes n i have to start it again Dexterfan what is this

  • Sunny

    Does anyone else have the issue with zshare where they can’t fast forward or rewind without the video starting over? It’s such a pain especially when you miss something!


    I’m trying to watch the Zshare and it has “showtime” faded in the background(like all beg. of episodes), but it won’t play. I’ve tried to hit play on the screen, and on the bottom- nothing!!
    BTW thanks for fixing the last episode on the megavideo the other day. I don’t know if it was you, or my computer. or coincidence?- but after I posted, within minutes it was working just fine :) I’m trying to squeeze in as much dex today as possible!!


    ALSO> To others who post: people that haven’t seen the episodes yet that read these comments(I.E. people having trouble getting the episode to play, or whatever the issue)IT IS SO ANNOYING WHEN PEOPLE LEAVE “SPOILING” COMMENTS!! REMEMBER, some people haven’t seen the stuff yet! Maybe there should be a different place for people to comment and talk ABOUT THE ACTIONS.HAPS in the show, rather than right here? Just a suggestion.

  • Rockypug

    Dexterfan, you are my hero. Years ago when I lost showtime, I thought my favorite guilty pleasure was done, but you and you alone have restored my faith in humanity :)

  • CooP

    DAAAAANNNNNGGGGG Aster you lookin Fiiiiiinnneeeee tonight

  • HaydensNana

    OMG but this was a great episode! When they introduced the Jordan Chase character I just knew he was somehow involved in Lumen’s torture. Then of course when Dexter commented on his watch in the previous episode…well that sealed the deal for me. No surprise when he turned out to be the “Tick Tock” man. However, I did NOT see his knowing it was Lumen on the other end of the line. Left me dying for the next episode! LOL Thanks again for sharing! BTW–I watched the Zshare version with no problems, no adverts at all. I think the type of connection and ability of one’s computer plays a bigger part in whether it is easy to watch or not…and of course how many others are trying to view at the same time.

  • joecrum

    I Love This SHOW!!!!! I Love This SHOW!!!!! I Love This SHOW!!!!! I Love This SHOW!!!!! I Love This SHOW!!!!! I Love This SHOW!!!!! I Love This SHOW!!!!! I Love This SHOW!!!!! I Love This SHOW!!!!! I Love This SHOW!!!!! I Love This SHOW!!!!! I Love This SHOW!!!!! I Love This SHOW!!!!! I Love This SHOW!!!!! I Love This SHOW!!!!! I Love This SHOW!!!!! I Love This SHOW!!!!! i was saying this during the whole episode! and also way to go dex!!!! Nice job beating that guys a**! he has changed sooo much since the first episode!

  • Chris

    dexterfan, i don’t know if you’re a man or a woman but all i know is that if i ever saw you in person, i would propose to you right then and there, just would be a little awkward if you are a guy… but i’d still do it :)

  • Rach

    I’m not gonna lie, that was freaking hot when Dexter beat up Olivia’s step-dad. I have never been cheering for him more!

  • eddie

    megan fox is a better actor than julia

  • Alexa

    i hate Zshare, it does not work at all for me

  • nebster

    Dexter said “I love you.”!!! Is it just me or has he never said that before. It’s always “me too” to whoever is saying they love him.

  • I am a dye hard Dex fan and I usually get my DVDs from the public library. However, they don’t have season 5, when do finally get it I have to be wait listed
    , which is 99.9999% of the time 1 out of 425. Then I decided to play around with some sites and found this, you have no clue how extatic I was. School’s out so I sat and watched season 5 epis. 1-8 went to bed at 5.15am this morning only because videobb timed out at 72 mins, so I swiched to megavido,at the opening of the show I moved the timer in the bottom to the spot where I left off. My biggest dilema is that megavideo switched to Zshare and it’s telling me that season 5 epi 9 cannot be found:( so I am going to give myself a break and have a cup of tea then try again. I must complete season 5 or I will not be able to rest. Thank you so much for having these sites.The public library is on it’s own because I have found you:) Thank you Thank you:) :) :) :)

  • Max

    Both VideoBB and ZShare don’t seem to be working for me. VideoBB just keeps spinning in a circle, and ZShare says that it can’t find the video…

    • Max

      HA! I waited 15 minutes till I finally posted that comment saying that VideoBB wasn’t working, and just as I scrolled back to the top of the page, it loads up just fine. I guess it just needed a kick in the pants…

  • RJ

    The zshare ones are not very good. can you go back to megavideo? The 72 minute block is very easy to bypass.

  • json

    i really friking hate deb, such a hypocrite. lundy was killed and shes fcking quinn. i wish deb would die

  • Just an FYI- Season 5 Episode 9 doesn’t seem to be working. I get 2 minutes in and it just hangs. Thanks for putting all this up!

  • 7vincent7black7

    Hey, thanks for uploading these. It’s been awhile since I had seen a dexter episode and then I watched up to this point today. I have only had one issue with videobb which was two episodes and was to be expected since I simply had to refresh twice and that was it. I did use a megaupload once and that worked as well so I would like to say kudos, you are a saint amongst dexter fans. It had been a year and I became obsessed with videogames and this is just in time for my need for a new hobby. :D

  • luvdex

    I’m pretty sure this is the only other time he’s ever said I love you to anyone, except for to Harrison. He said it to him once (episode 7 or 8, can’t remember which). Made me teary eyed! P.S. I can’t stand Quinn or Deb….he’s a douche and she sounds like she’s on the verge of tears all of the time….so annoying!

  • AmyC

    video has been removed!

  • Thanks for the videos. I have enjoyed every one of them. I am experiencing some problems with the last four episodes…Thanks for your diligence in making us DEXTER FANATICS happy.

  • DexLover

    First and most importantly thank you for providing us (DexterFans) with an outlet to satisfy our addiction. I don’t have showtime and I’m almost done, but can’t seem to watch episode 9, 10. Please help, I need my fix =)

  • Dexterlover

    none of the videos are working… so sad… ive been watching 2-3 episodes a day… im gunna go crazy without me dexter fix… HELP PLEASE

  • GeeMoney

    Can’t watch episodes 9-12 online through VideoBB anymore… can you fix it?

  • MTCat

    Thanks for the Dexter Episodes. I got hooked first by the books, but the series is soo much better. How can a serial killer break your heart and make you cry for him? LOL BTW, I have a really crappy WIFi connection, but I have no problems going forward or back. I always skip the show intro to save on my precious 72 minutes and have always been able to FF to where I left off.

    Thnx again Dexter Fan!!

  • Dexaddict

    Hey DexterFan,

    Both BB & Megavideo seems to have been removed. Please help!!

    Thanks alot for putting these here.

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