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Episode 11 - Hello, Dexter Morgan

Dexter’s worst fears of being exposed are becoming a grim reality.  Due to Debra’s persistence to track down Trinity, Miami Metro are only one step away from finding out Trinit’s true identity.  Naturally Dexter can’t let this happen, thanks to him exposing his own true nature to Trinity during Thanksgiving, Dexter must find Trinity for 2 reasons now, one to satisify his dark urge and secondly to ensure Arthur does’nt expose Dexter for what he really is.

Rita confides in Dexter, and this does’nt go as well as she’d hoped.  Batista and LaGuerta’s unethical relationship paints them into a very tight corner.  Arthur, curious why his pursuer simply did’nt turn him in, begins his own investigation into Kyle Butler.

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