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Episode 5 - Turning Biminese

Miguel entrusts Dexter with a possible new victim, a man who alledgedly killed two wealthy wives for their inheritance and has gotten away with it. Dexter tracks the man and takes matters into his own hands. Rita has a surprise for Dexter upon his return which switches his life’s priorities.

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18 comments to Episode 5 – Turning Biminese

  • Kyle

    Thank you so much for uploading these episodes. I just got done with Season’s 1 and 2 and I honestly can’t get enough. Thanks again! :D

  • Joe

    Netflix only had to season 2. this is a life saver!

  • Ryan

    Thanks for uploading all these episodes

  • Tim

    My thoughts exactly.

  • David

    “This video has been removed due to infringement” ?

  • Nice

    This sucks. VideoBB is terrible and Megavideo removed it. Find a new video.

  • jen

    I like how everyone complains about the quality or when the videos arent up, yet viewing them is entirely free..and Mr. website designer/mrs. web site owner even has two videos set up in case one doesnt work, or for when you reach the 72 minute limit. As far as I’m are a genius. and I know myself, and a lot of others, too poor to buy DVD sets…really appreciate it. so thank you for satisfying our dexter addictions.

    • DexterFan

      Jen, that’s so niceofyou to say, thanks! I do try… I’m no genius tho, just a fellow Dexter fan! Happy to satisfy your addictions.


      • thepreferredJ

        AGREED! I was so sad when Netflix cancelled Dexter (rather, when Sho took away Netflix’s rights), but then I discovered this GLORIOUSNESSSSS!!!! VideoBB has technical issues, but if you reload a few times it usually does the trick. Also, protip…
        If you start the videoBB and then hit pause to allow the video to load fully, you can hit “Work Offline” before starting the video and NEVER USE UP ANY TIME. Just sayin. If this comment has to be deleted, I understand.

        THank you THANK YOU THANK YOU so much for making/hosting this website. It is appreciated by many, but some people just love to bitch no matter what. If the biggest problem they have is getting a FREE video to load online… I think they should reevaluate their “problems.” :)

  • Brian

    I love this website. DexterFan…you are the man

  • Big boy

    Good shit to the person that put these vids up. Everybody that complains should be thankful that they could even be able to watch some of these episodes, even though they have minor problems. Showtime is so fuckin cheap that they cant make a deal with netflix to put up season 3 and 4. Keep doing what your doing man Great Work!!!

  • Redeaglez

    this episode isnt working :(

  • kycatncarolina

    Hey Having problems. I even paid for the 30 days membership and still cant watch, please tell me whats is going on so I continue watching. Thanks

    • DexterFan

      Hi, sorry you paid.. the site really is free, but the video providers do have a 72 minute limit if you don’t pay. Login to the main site of the membership you paid for (Megavido or VideoBB) in one page, then come back here and the stream should pick up that you’re a paid member.

  • Hayley

    Anyone who complains, should just go read the freaking books. If you’re so obsessed with Dexter and you don’t appreciate what’s given to you through this website, then read the damn books or buy the damn discs. There’s no use complaining openly about quality, or “having to pay” when you have so many other options available to you. You’re just going to turn people off to a great thing, so keep your hate to yourself and just thank the man who is working to provide it to us and keeping it free. Sheesh.

    • chris

      lol… i have to agree that the quality here is increadable… dexterfan really does alot to help us get our dexter fix, but to be fair, the books are terrible… and very little like the serries :( infact dexter is phycic, and is inhabited by an evil Egyptian spirit in the books sooooo lol but on the otherhand if there gonna complain about how this site runs they probly dont deserve any better.

  • Khe

    Thanks for the uploads…regards from PR

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