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Episode 1 - Our Father

With Doakes completely out of the way & his relationship with Rita is back on track, Dexter is enjoying a life of perfect bliss.  However Dexter begins to question the ‘Code of Harry’ and its relevence to his life.  An Assistant District Attorney takes a special interest in Dexter after the death of his brother.

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42 comments to Episode 1 – Our Father

  • potato

    wtf they didn’t eat their pancakes.

  • john

    I just got robbed cuz I thought this site would allow me to watch all Dexter and it’s some scam site!!!!!

    • DexterFan

      Hahahahaha funny… Everyone else seems to watch the episodes fine. Robbed? How much did you pay exactly?

  • dex fan 2

    yeah i thought i could watch it too for FREE without paying anything… grrr

  • lee

    why cant i watch videos here? it send me to another web site and wants me to pay

    • DexterFan

      You can, this site IS free. However the streams used are ad sponsored (and NO I do not get any money for those ads). For example when you press play on Megavideo, you will get a pop or a new tab/window in your browser which sends you to an ad… However then the actual play button appears which will then begin the video for free.

  • Ashley

    Thanks for the site…this is awesome!!

  • Harry Organ

    werkz fer me

  • Chris Rivers

    Dear Watchdexternow,

    I love this Site!!
    I had netflix and i really got into Dexter but then there was only 2 seasons :’(!!!
    Is there any way i can download episodes?

  • Bigdogg

    This site is the shilznit

  • RadaRada

    dexter is sooo hot :p

  • Schnoogs

    Whoever is posting these vids…..YOU FREAKIN ROCK!!!
    That is all.

  • Katie

    having some trouble…season 3, ep 1, the Video BB just keeps going round and round. the megavideo tells me the link or video is invalid. am i missing a step?

  • Plato

    Unable to load the MegaVideo due to infringement. Sup with that?

  • Terry

    It says it’s free but more than halfway into Dexter it asks me for money. I will buy the video.

    • DexterFan

      That’s probably the 72 minute timeout Terry, you can switch to another stream and continue without paying.

  • newdexterfan

    Just curious why three different places to watch? Is there a difference?

    • DexterFan

      Hiya, there’s a few reasons I have 2-3 streams..
      1. Choice of quality
      2. Streams randomly go offline –
      3. Megavideo and VideoBB both have 72 minute limits – so it allows you guys to switch between and not miss a beat!

      Hope this helps.

  • Jay

    It starts.. plays 5 seconds and then nothing… i need to watch Dexter.. I too have Netflix and I’m going through withdrawl, now that I have finished watching season 2!!! HELP!!!

    • DexterFan

      It looks like the Megavideo one has been removed… Try using the VideoBB stream until I can find another MV one…

  • Kelly O

    Gotta Say, the quality is Fantastic My friend.

  • Prodigy of Harry

    Thanks for all that you do DexterFan. I didn’t pay any money and I get to watch a couple of episodes before I go to work every day. Win-win for everyone who likes the show. Keep up your degree of awesomeness sir. :)

  • Nova

    Yes! Love this, love you!

  • Heather

    I have become addicted to Dexter, watched 2 seasons in a week!! :)

  • steph

    Thank you for this site! Netflix only has seasons 1 and 2… now I can continue my addiction! :)

    • nika

      Omg i am the same way!! i am now very much addicted!! :) i am angry netflix only has 2 seasons!!

  • qbangirl

    Thank u soooooooooo muchh. Dexter is my favorite show, the quality is excelent!!!!!!!

  • LBAD

    Okay, THANK YOU!!! I finished season 2 on Netflix a long time ago and keep checking back for sesaon 3. Finally got around to looking around to see if I could stream it anywhere. This is IT. Thanks be to you!

  • nlc

    thanks for the site i couldnt stop with only the first 2 seasons on netflix so had to come here

  • Best Ive seen so far.Quality is good and Ive missed a few seasons.
    Cathcing up till next and new season.
    Dexter is most excellent.

    Dexter Fan

  • Hayley

    Netflix only had two seasons available for instant. They no longer have those available as of July 1st. But they now have all the seasons of Dexter available on Netflix on DVD. But good luck getting them quickly, everyone wants them.. :l

  • matthew

    so how many people are like me and came here from netflix after season 2

  • Herro

    lmao sounds like a tno of people dont know how Mega video works. Well thank you for posting.

  • defhawk2010

    Thank you to who ever made this site….I got so into dexter on netflixs but it stopped at season 2

  • Candi

    It’s telling me I can’t watch because one of them has been deleted by user and the other one due to infringement…any help pretty please?

  • BiggestSeason2Fan

    Hey.. its allowing me to watch this video, but ok. I have watched ALL of season 2, am ready to start season 3, but before I watch season 3 i’m trying to watch the FIRST episode of season 2 so i can see a summary of what all happened in season 1 and its not allowing me to watch that video, for either steams. what do i do?